My personal ministry focuses on using the concept of retirement to bring people closer to Christ. A lot of older adults believe in God and have attended church in the past, but have drifted due to old and outdated perceptions of it. They haven’t experienced a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and I want to change that by bringing Biblical ideas, characters, and truths into the modern fold of retirement planning.

Many people wrongly assume that retirement is life’s ultimate goal but it isn’t. Getting into Heaven is. Unfortunately, traditional retirement planning focuses on money first, then the individual or couple, and then a little Jesus talk can get sprinkled. So my goal is to flip retirement on its head and help people put God-first, then themselves and others, and then let the money stuff fall into place. Turns out that retirement is one of the most highly sought-after phases of life, but also one of the most misunderstood, especially from a Christian perspective.