Our mission is to use the concept and process of retirement to bring people closer to Christ. Currently, much of traditional retirement planning focuses on the financial aspects with very little work being done on the more personal side, in particular the spiritual aspects. 

Our goal is to flip retirement on its head by helping people put God first, themselves second, and then money last.  In other words, a God-centered planning approach that allows new, existing, and soon-to-be retirees a way  to define, highlight, and use their gifts and talents to serve other and make disciples… and then figure out how the financial components fit into that plan rather than the other way around.

Fact is, research suggests that a lot of older adults believe in God and have attended church in the past, but many have drifted due to old and outdated perceptions of it. They haven’t experienced a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and so we want to play a role in changing that by developing content that brings Biblical ideas, characters, and truths into the modern fold of retirement planning.